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At Colacril, we know that every packaging design calls for a specific solution, so we have the right self-adhesive for your requirements. We meet the needs of the market with customized products for every demand, always providing the highest quality films and papers’ self-adhesives, acrylics, and hot melt adhesives. Our products can be used to create labels for various market sectors such as food, beverages, and cosmetics, among others, and can be used with a wide range of printing systems.



Quite versatile, self-adhesives can be found in a wide range of applications in our daily lives, mainly in identification materials (labels). But that's not all: they are also used in visual communications, safety guidelines, and signaling.

According to its technical definition, a self-adhesive is a paper or film coated with a fine layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive, protected by a siliconized paper or film.

By Adhesive Type


Formulated from acrylic polymers. Good resistance to heat and oxidation. 

Hot melt

Formulated from rubbers and resins. Recommended for general applications. High initial tack due to its more fluid formulation.

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Colacril films offer great quality, durability, and flexibility. They have excellent adhesion in different types of substrates, providing high-quality performance in a wide range of applications. Extremely versatile, can be used in different applications, including beverages, chemicals, plastic barrels, and drums. Our portfolio includes white, transparent, and metalized films, ideal for your requirements.



Our paper solutions for labels are perfect for those who wants to stand out in the market. We offer an extensive portfolio of paper self-adhesives, including coated paper, thermal, thermal transfer, monolucent, matte-finish, metallic, fluorescent, and colored facestocks.

Coated Paper
Matte White
Thermal Transfer
Colored and Fluorescent


Special self-adhesives designed to highlight and differentiate your product. Available in metallic, colored, removable adhesives, special material for digital printing, and many more options.

Extra Layer