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At Colacril, we know that every packaging design calls for a specific solution, so we have the right self-adhesive for your requirements. We meet the needs of the market with customized products for every demand, always providing the highest quality films and papers’ self-adhesives, acrylics, and hot melt adhesives. Our products can be used to create labels for various market sectors such as food, beverages, and cosmetics, among others, and can be used with a wide range of printing systems.



Permanent acrylic adhesive.
Complies with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) 21 CFR 175.105 regulation for indirect food contact.
Suitable for application on low energy surfaces such as HDPE, rigid and plasticized PVC films, polyester films, PET, metals, papers, cardboard, wood fabric and smooth glass.
• Service temperature: -10°C to 80°C.
• Minimum application temperature: 5°C.

Facestock BOPP

Facestock BOPP

Recommended for more rigid packaging, BOPP labels are resistant to water and chemicals. They also have a strong aesthetic appeal and increase the value of your product.